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At Whitney & Richardson, Inc., Skip Tracing is a process that uses modern investigative skills and tools to reestablish communications with transient debtors. Skip Tracing is the single most important process employed in the recovery of delinquent receivables. The WAR staff is continuously trained in state-of-the-art skip tracing techniques, tools, and etiquette. Our staff has the ability to select the best methods to locate "lost" debtors on a case-by-case basis. By organizing all available bits of information regarding the debtor on our computer system, we are able to develop effective strategies for the diligent pursuit of negligent debtors.

A partial list of WAR databases includes:

  • ACA member databases
  • References from the debtor's credit application(s)
  • Neighbors - past & present
  • Directory Assistance
  • Internet Search Engines
  • Telephone Directories - Surname search
  • Credit Bureau reports - (D & B, Experian)
  • Licensing bureaus, organizations, and agencies to which the debtor may belong
  • Banking and financial references
  • National Change of Address databases
  • Current or previous Employers
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (if applicable)

Whitney & Richardson, Inc.'s skip tracing service is like hiring a private eye! The information you give us is the clue we need to solve the “credit crime”. Whitney & Richardson, Inc.'s skip tracing procedures involve communications with third parties and searching many public and private databases. We also understand the delicate nature of these questions and maintain the debtor's confidentiality during any such contact with these resources.

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