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Whitney & Richardson, Inc. collects both disputed and undisputed debts in the United States as well as around the world, primarily through the efforts of our collection staff and national attorney network.

Disputed debts are typically contested on the basis of a contract. Some recurring issues include aspects of liquidated damages, authority and agency, breach, offer and acceptance, and the validity of forum selection clauses. When debts are disputed, we seek to act as mediators. Our goal is to resolve the problem without having to file a lawsuit. Lawsuits raise the client's costs, extend the time needed to collect, and create the possibility of the debtor filing a counterclaim. Early intervention helps to prevent collection matters from escalating into lawsuits. However, sometimes, issues cannot be resolved without filing suit. In such an event, we can commence legal proceedings through our comprehensive legal network.

The heart of our collection efforts is our in house collection department. While we send demand letters (often certified), e-mails, and faxes to debtors, it is our collector's' persistence, intelligence, and resourcefulness that frequently result in successful collections. The advantage to our clients of having Whitney & Richardson (WAR) represent them throughout the collection process becomes more apparent when the debtor is represented by counsel (in-house or retained). Collection efforts against companies represented by counsel entail a legal contest. It is in these instances that our legal expertise benefits our clients.

Undisputed debts also require great persistence. We are unyielding in our efforts to contact the appropriate party at the debtor company. The professional, courteous tenacity of our collectors is invaluable in collecting these debts.

However, what is most important to realize about WAR's collection techniques is that we always seek to preserve (when possible) our clients' relationship with their debtors. Our professional negotiating style results in immediate monies collected, and more importantly allows them to maintain an ongoing business relationship with the debtor. Courteous persuasion in conjunction with the obvious threat of future collection efforts, or even litigation, can result in the collection of your outstanding debt, while maintaining the potential for the sale of future services. Simply stated, our method of "reinstatement," turns a potential loss into future profits.

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