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Worldwide Commercial Collections Made Easy

The Commercial Collection Professionals at Whitney & Richardson, Inc. are ready to handle your Commercial Receivables liquidations through a broad spectrum of specialized services designed to enhance your corporate credit functions from the inception of a business relationship with a customer to the liquidation of a write-off.  Whitney & Richardson's services include:

  • Credit Reporting and background checks on your new customers, and applicants.
  • Face-To-Face contact by a member of our National, Credit Trained Private Investigative Team to effect recovery.
  • Skip tracing and Asset & Liability Investigations
  • Taylored Custom monthly reporting of all collections received.
  • Customized reporting on status of open accounts.
  • Professional legal processing that prompts you on the probability of success should you bring suit.
  • Filing suit through the services of an attorney local to your debtor.

Other Services include:

  • Telephone, written, and faxed demand notices
  • Physical Pickups & Repossessions
  • National Toll Free Number for Debtor Use
  • State of the Art Data Center Hardware and Software Clusters, with RRBS (Remote Redundant Backup Services) 
  • Bank Account Seizure through legal department
  • National and International negotiations and debt liquidation
  • Free Receivables Consultation
  • Credit Reports
  • Social Security Searches

The Whitney & Richardson Collection Team offers specialized services for account balances.  All accounts are handled by departments that are balance specific, that way your larger receivables are handled as effeciently as your smaller ones. We are structured to collect all sizes of accounts, large or small all on a contingent basis. Every debtor receives all necessary contact using our highly successful collection methods.  Call us today at 1-800-228-6212 for a free consultation. 
Or you may email us at

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